Why Barbados

A respect for law and order, prudence and conservatism in financial matters, old-fashioned values, excellent infrastructure, well-skilled and informed people, very low crime, a long tradition of democracy are but a few of the reasons why the former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, once said that “Barbados punches above its weight”.

Recognized globally as a destination of choice for vacationers, Barbados has also achieved respect by International organizations for its record of freedom, justice, quality of life, and human development (and of course cricket).

Barbados’ economy is ranked 5th out of 29 countries in economic freedom in the South and Central America/Caribbean region by the Heritage Foundation, and its overall score is well above the global average. Barbados’ economic freedom score is 69.3, making its economy the 39th freest in the 2013 Index (Download PDF).

The Vision contained in the National Strategic Plan for Barbados to 2025 is to be “a fully developed society that is prosperous, socially just and globally competitive”. The crafters chose their words carefully.

This section describes in more detail many of the reasons why businesses choose Barbados for establishing operations.

Economic & Social Stability

Country Profile

Investment & Tax Environment

Quality of Life

Quality Workforce

Solid Infrastructure

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