Sustainability is not a technical issue, it is a political choice; we have more access to information, more technology and more resources at our finger tips than ever before in history. The time is now to choose.

An education and demonstration center for Permaculture has launched on the island of Barbados – The Caribbean Permaculture Research Institute of Barbados (CPRI). When completed, this facility will be used to teach and/or enhance existing competencies of Barbadians and internationals alike how to grow food, repair land and build community. It will do so combining the descriptive knowledge of modern science with the wisdom of our forefathers using the holistic design science of Permaculture. The Institute is also proud to share that Barbadians will be trained to take over the project.

Since the majority of food in the country is imported resulting in a higher cost of living, this project will improve the quality of lives for Barbadians by teaching them how to redesign their kitchen gardens and/or acreage farms. The value added of the Permaculture way enhances soil regeneration, makes the most of scarce water resources, complements natural organic methods, and protects bio-diversity. To cultivate healthy plants, we will teach others to cultivate healthy soil through bio-fertilizers and compost teas that farmers and gardeners can make themselves with kitchen and garden waste and other local recycled resources.

The non-profit offers many ways for individuals and businesses to engage CPRI which include free workshops and farm tours that are offered every month and can be signed up for on Facebook or by emailing We also offer a selection of Permaculture design courses, specialist courses and internships throughout the year starting with our Weekend Warrior Permaculture Design Certification course running from Oct 18-Dec 7. Learning opportunities are also available through our volunteer program. The institute will also offer a Farmers Market on our site at Graeme Hall to provide affordable, locally grown, organic fresh produce. Vendors offering organic produce or organic products and services are invited to apply for a stall by contacting

CPRI team
Keith Laurie, Sandra Myers, Kenton Zerbin, Allan Marshall, Lorraine Ciarallo and Andrew Alleyne

To launch strong in these trying times and to rally the local and Permaculture community, CPRI has created a KickStarter crowdfunding campaign. The campaign aims to raise $50,000 over the course of 30 days which ends on Oct. 1st! If you are interested in growing food in your back yard, building a green business, improving your farm or building your community, then this project is for you. The time is urgent, the need clear, the solution tangible… sustainability is not an abstract concept, it’s practical and on the grounds at CPRI in Graeme Hall.

Let’s take back control over the quality, availability and price of food and redesign a sustainable Barbados! Donate & share today!

The KickStarter campaign reward tiers include a tour of the property, purchasing a classroom chair inscribed with your name, 72-hour PDC design course, and much more!



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We are a Permaculture Research Institute. Our vision is to be a catalyst for environmental stewardship and sound sustainable development practices with an emphasis on sustainable & regenerative farming practices, food security and self-reliance, and community empowerment and resilience both in urban and rural environments.