The Maas Clinic started the Green Business Barbados (GBB) in late 2011 and has broken a new record within the programme becoming the first business to achieve Tier two (2) of the Footprint Rating System in their first year. This sets a new standard for the programme and raises the bar for a new level of achievement for the other businesses in the programme to follow.

Open for 18 years, The Maas Clinic is the leading holistic health clinic on the island that focuses on Osteopathy and Functional Diagnostic Medicine, eating healthy organic and simple foods in order to maintain a healthy balance in the body. Before the programme started the clinic had already started with the implementation of sustainable practices such as recycling, using biodergradable containers for take-out from the The Maas Cafe, growing food, reducing their use of paper and curbing water consumption by using efficient taps, toilets and other fixtures. In order to become more sustainable however the clinic identified the local environmental management programme GBB to assist further in developing and implementing sustainable measures and practices.

One of the main goals for The Maas Clinic was to educate their staff on ways to go green at work and at home. This was achieved through a series of training sessions including a composting workshop conducted by the Solid Waste Project Unit. Their other focus was to reduce waste coming out of the office and kitchen through waste reduction measures and a comprehensive composting system. Waste reduction measures in the office included their Going Paperless programme which offers customers the option to only receive soft copy documents and invoices. Additionally, double sided printing has become the rule in the office to further reduce paper use as well as their switch to biodegradable drinking cups for customers in place of plastic cups.

Cathie Maas had this to say about the programme “I was so excited to get my team on board to start and complete this program. Laurens and I strongly believe that our external environment’s healing is equally as important as our internal bodies in this day and age. This project has been exciting, educational, practical and has bonded our entire team in a positive and environmentally conscious way! It was not expensive, time consuming or frustrating at all and this exercise is one that we believe every single business in Barbados should take on as a challenge. We at The Maas Group believe that it should be mandatory for all businesses to implement green practices applicable to their trade in an effort to slow the destruction and aid with the re-building of our earth’s natural resources.”

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