GBB Approved Green Businesses

Barbados has become a leader in the Caribbean in recycling and other environmentally responsible business practices. These new business practices have helped to pave the way into the new green economy by training people and educating the public on sustainable business and practices. The time is ripe for Barbadians to become leaders in green business. The National Strategic Plan for Barbados makes reference to investing in the new green economy and building a sustainable marketplace. This programme provides the perfect opportunity to further do so.

Through the initiation of the Green Business Barbados (GBB) programme, companies will be given the opportunity to be part of a revolution, a truly local green revolution, one which will ensure incorporating green business practices will become the rule, rather than the exception. Green Business Barbados provides the country with a realistic and true contribution to the reduction of the country’s ecological footprint. It will promote and create a change in generational thinking which will be of direct benefit to business, and in turn the population of this country. This change of attitudes is needed now to ensure the sustainable use of resources, both local and imported.

Learn about the Green Business Barbados Programme.

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