Harris Paints Ltd. has been a Green Business with Green Business Barbados since September 2010 and has played a crucial role in the development of the programme over the years. In 2012 Harris Paints broke a new record within the programme becoming the first business to achieve Tier two (2) of the Footprint Rating System. This sets a new standard for the programme and raises the bar for a new level of achievement for the other businesses in the programme to follow.

A large part of the success of the programme is thanks to the dedication of Ms. Kimberly Douglas Human Resources Manager and Green Officer for Harris Paints Ltd. Ms. Douglas is one of the most dedicated and driven Green Officers Green Business Barbados has had the pleasure of working with. Additionally, Ms. Douglas has worked tirelessly on the management and implementation of green initiatives within Harris Paints and has been a leader in encouraging staff to get involved.

This year Harris Paints has excelled in the waste reduction and recycling section of the programme by diligently working with local recycling brokers such as B’s recycling. This was done in a effort to recycle all materials that come out of their warehouse and plant. Additionally, Harris Paints is working on ways to reduce their use of municipal water through the harvesting of rain water for their processes.

Finally, Harris Paints has also excelled in their education and outreach through involvement in projects such as CORE Network recycling and Clean Up Barbados. This year Harris Paints also contributed assistance to the Future Centre Trust in order to attend the Caribbean Environment Forum in St. Kitts in May 2012. The FCT looks forward to many more years of partnership with Harris Paints Ltd. as well as continuing to assist businesses in Barbados to green their operations and save on their overhead costs.

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