There has been no cessation in the production of Mount Gay Rum in Barbados by Mount Gay Distilleries Limited, and the company is not synonymous with The Rum Refinery of Mount

Gay Limited.

This has been made clear by management of Mount Gay Distilleries Limited following the publication of an online newspaper report stating that: “Barbados and the world’s first and oldest rum distillery had closed its doors…”

The report led to much confusion among members of the public concerning the identities of the two companies.

In response, Raphael Grisoni, Managing Director of Mount Gay Distilleries Limited, said there is a historical and supply relationship between The Rum Refinery of Mount Gay Limited, and Mount Gay Distilleries Limited itself. He explained that both companies have facilities located at Mount Gay in St. Lucy but are two separate and distinct entities.

“The operations of Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd have not been affected by recent events within The Rum Refinery of Mount Gay Ltd, and our production of Mount Gay Rum continues as normal,” said Grisoni.

Mount Gay Distilleries Limited was acquired in 1989 by the France-based rum and spirits company, Rémy Cointreau. Mount Gay Rum is distributed internationally to more than 70 countries.

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Mount Gay Rum, the oldest brand of rum in existence, has been produced on Barbados with passion and unparalleled excellence since 1703. Mount Gay’s history is one of passion, courage and unshakable conviction. For over 300 years, the brand has been defined by generations of visionaries, whose untiring quest for excellence and innovation explains why Mount Gay is the oldest, as well as the greatest, brand of rum in the world.