In April 2010 the Green Business Barbados programme initiated by the Future Centre Trust was launched with assistance from the Ministry of Environment and the British High Commission (BHC). The BHC provided the opportunity for the pilot study to be implemented within an existing organisation and allowed the development of the standards to local existing conditions and availability of products and services. The BHC was instrumental in the development and launching of the programme.

An annual update is required for Green Business Barbados programme that includes a reassessment of the updated standards, an update of the Green Strategy, Action Plan and Policy and annual employee green training. This reassessment revaluates the measures that have been implemented throughout the years and guides future sustainable changes in operations, business and procurement practises.

In 2011 the BHC fully internalised green business in their operations management through the installation of efficient lighting and A/C system within the office as well as includingin their procurement policy that Energy Star Rated and energy efficient items be procured over others. The operations team also procured an energy audit that wassuccessful in breaking down the energy loads for the office that helped to make the decisions on where energy could be cut further.

The BHC also continues to excel in the Waste Reduction & Recycling component of the programme by reducing their waste output through several waste reduction measures. In addition the BHC has been benchmarking their recycling rates in order to determine how much they are recycling each year and have encouraged employees to bring their recycling from home by pooling the money as a donation to their favourite charity.

In the future the BHC has a goal to further reduce their energy consumption by 15% by 2015. This goal will be achieved through reduced travel, efficient buildings and renewable energy generation. The BHC has become a leader in Green Business in Barbados and has shown their dedication to becoming a sustainable organisation through continued support of the Green Business Barbados programme.

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The Future Centre Trust is an environmental Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) and registered charity providing environmental education to the public of Barbados. Its mission is “To stimulate awareness and encourage responsible management of the vital relationship between people and nature leading to a sustainable future for all”. This is achieved through various programmes, activities and presentations to the community which are included and highlighted at

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