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Do business in Barbados with our comprehensive Investors Guide. All aspects of relocating your company or family are covered including accounting, finance, legal, real estate and taxation issues.

Featured Contents

Audit, Accounting and Financial Reporting

This guide gives some insight into the requirements in Barbados with respect to Auditors, Audit & Reporting Requirements, Audit Reports and Financial Reporting Standards.

Exporting & Importing

Exporting and importing are two strategies for business expansion. This section explores the local requirements and restrictions set by the Customs and Excise Department.


Key elements of the ICT sector - access to modern communications, the existence of a competitive environment shaped by up to date regulations and legislation and enabling considerations.

by Cable & Wireless Communications


Barbados is an attractive place of residence for non-domiciliaries. Learn about exemptions and incentives targeted at attracting foreign investment and encouraging earners of foreign exchange.
Ernst & Young Caribbean

Commercial And Business Laws

Barbados is known for its well-developed network of tax of bi-lateral investment (tax) treaties. Learn about what incentives and exemptions investors can benefit from in Barbados.
Clarke Gittens Farmer

Financing Business

Barbados' banking system is not only quite sophisticated, but also prudently managed. Discover the banking and financial services available to foreign investors wishing to establish businesses here.

byPwC Barbados

Real Estate

In this section we attempt to give you information about the Barbados property market that will help investors to make the best decision that they can.
Terra Caribbean

Establishing A Business

Learn about alternative business structures, foreign investment controls, support services, cessation or termination of businesses and corporate mobility in Barbados.
Tricor Caribbean Limited

Human Resources

Barbados has developed a highly educated work force with a strong work ethic and sound values. This section provides information on everything from Immigration And Work Permits to Administration.

 Caribbean Catalyst

Relocating to Barbados

Settling into the Barbados community is relatively straight forward with the help of local experts in relocating. Find out about education, housing, medical care and transportation.

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