Barbados is truly a unique tropical tourism destination. A 166 square mile gem of white sand beaches, a complex mix of high-class accommodation, made up of intimate guest-houses, small, medium and large hotels, luxury apartments, villas, and condominiums. An array of quality restaurants providing a culinary experience that is not easily found in anywhere and the picture of the ideal tourist island begins to take shape. Place these obvious tourism attributes along side an activities calendar that is second to none and what tourism planners on this most easterly of the chain of Caribbean islands may just have created, is the most complete tourism and hospitality oriented destination in the region. However, Barbados’ brand of hospitality goes way beyond the traditional tourism and hospitality mix for which this tropical region has become renowned. Barbados is a country that boasts infrastructural development attributes that places the island way ahead of its neighbours. An expansive road network of major highways and well paved minor roads that uniquely link every area of the island, modern accessible buildings, a telecommunications network that is as effective and reliable as any in any developed country and an educated populace that supplies to the industry a set of the most competently trained hospitality personnel in the industry, makes for the ideal tropical island tourism and hospitality experience.

Fast Facts

Contribution to GDP
156,200 (2009R) 160,000 (2010P)
12,700 (2012)

Selected Indicators

Year *Share
in GDP
No. of
Hotel Room
Rate (%)
2009 14.4 1,149.7 6,984 55.0 518,564 635,212
2010 14.7 1,222.7 6,570 56.0 532,180 664,747
2011R 1,411.8 n.a. 60.6 567,724 609,844
2012P 1,330.4 n.a. 61.8 536,303 517,436

Source: Barbados Economic and Social Report 2012

Web & Other Resources

Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA)
This website offers information about the association and provides access to the Visitors Guide.
Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA)
Holiday and business travel information. or
Ministry of Tourism
Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. (BTII)
This website provides information for those considering investment in the tourism and hospitality industry. The BTI assists by identifying investment opportunities, identifying service providers, liaising with government department and so on.
Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism
CAST’s mission is to enhance the practices of the region’s hotel and tourism operators by providing high quality education and training related to sustainable tourism. Their website provides information on what they do including the training courses and workshops that the organization hosts. (
Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association
The CHTA website has a wealth of information about the Caribbean’s hospitality industry as well as a Data Centre. (
Caribbean Tourism Organization
The Caribbean Tourism Organization’s exists to increase significantly the inclusion of the Caribbean region in the set of destinations being considered by travellers. Their website is a great resource for tourism statistics and market research information. (
Forum for the Future
Forum for the Future’s role is to help organisations find their way to a sustainable and successful future. (
The Green Tourism Business Scheme
A resource that provides information about sustainable tourism.
The Barbados Private Sector Trade Team (PSTT)
The PSTT provides professional contributions to Barbados and regional trade negotiations on behalf of the Barbados private sector. This PSTT website has current information on the latest developments in the various sectors.
Tourism Development Corporation (TDC)
TDC supports marketing initiatives targeted at regional and international tourist markets that seek to promote Barbados as a desirable tourism destination.

Key Contacts

Wayne Capaldi
Managing Director, Sandpiper and Coral Reef Club (
Andrew Cox
Barbados Tourism Association (
Loreto Duffy-Mayers
Vice Chairman, Caribbean Association for Sustainable Tourism (
Martin Ince
Foster and Ince (
Roseanne Myers
Atlantis Submarines (
David M Rice
Visit Barbados (
Hugh Riley
Secretary General, Caribbean Tourism Organization (
Alec Sanguinetti
Caribbean Hotel Association (
Sue Springer
Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (
Ralph White
Island Safari (

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