Barbados, despite being a relatively small island nation, is blessed with a mature and sophisticated construction sector, comprised of Contractors, Consultants and Suppliers capable of undertaking the entire spectrum of construction projects, from simple single family homes to complex commercial and industrial developments.The procurement processes used are historically based upon the UK model with the Architect assuming the role of design team leader. However, in recent years, the introduction of Project Managers as the interface between client and design team has been adopted successfully by many commercial clients.

Typically, commercial projects will have a full design team complement including the Project Manager, Architect, Cost Consultant/Quantity Surveyor, Structural Engineer and Services Engineer.

Market conditions in Barbados, in-line with the current global turn-down, have resulted in more favourable tender prices for clients, whom only two years ago often struggled to solicit competitive bids, such was the overheated nature of the construction sector.

Fast Facts

Year Real GDP ($M) Foreign Exchange Earnings ($M) Total Expenditure ($M) Employment Imported Building Material ($M)
2009 76.7 23.7 458.5 11,500
2010 69.4 5.7 372.2 13,500 165.7
2011 76.7 0.1 361.1 14,600
2012 71.5 0.0 336.7 13,000 157.9

Source: Barbados Economic and Social Report 2012, Central Bank

Construction costs for typical buildings are indicated below in Barbados dollars:

Ballpark Budget
Air-conditioned office building shell $250 – $350/sf
Medium income home $225 – $325/sf
High income home Upwards of $350/sf
Steel frame warehouse building $100 – $150/sf
Mid-end condominiums $280 – $400/sf
High-end condominiums $500 – $700/sf

Source: BCQS International

Web & Other Resources

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