In Barbados the development of the international business and financial services sector began around 1977 and now contributes significantly to foreign exchange earnings. The legislation allows international banks and business companies, insurance and management companies, societies with restricted liability and ship registration, with a legal separation between the offshore sector and the onshore sector. Offshore banks apply to the Central Bank of Barbados for registration under the International Financial Services Act 2003 whilst onshore banks are regulated through the Financial Institutions Act. Also forming part of the Banking framework, is the Ministry of Finance and the Barbados Securities Commission.In the onshore sector Barbados has licensed, six commercial banks, fifty-nine International banks and sixteen Trust & Merchant banks.Commercial banking activity can be described as very competitive as all players have full service operations with cross-border experience. Four commercial banks are either global or international operators of which three are influenced by Canadian parentage.These banks offer a range of personal and corporate banking products and services which include deposits, loans, investments, project financing, foreign exchange and cash management to name a few. Some commercial banks also offer internet banking, private banking and wealth management services. ATM’s are conveniently spread across the island and personal local cheques are still widely accepted as an instrument of payment.

Key Contacts

Dr. Avinash Persaud
Financial economist
Dr Winston Moore
Lecturer in economics at the university of the West Indies Cave Hill
Mr. Clyde Mascoll
Mr. Roland Craigwell
Professor of economics also at the University of the West Indies Cave Hill
Dr. Delisle Worrell
Current Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados (CBB)
Sir Courtney Blackman
Economist, international business consultant, diplomat and former Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados
Mr. Marlon Yarde
General Manager of The Barbados Stock Exchange
Mr. Peter Boos
Independent Financial service Professional
Mr. Tony Hoyos
Businessman and former Board Member of The Barbados National Bank

Web & other Resources
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