Bjorn Bjerkhamn

“I have not hesitated to take my own hard- earned money and re-invest it back into Barbados. Barbados is a safe and profitable place to invest.”

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January 19, 2012

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Mr. Bjorn Bjerkhamn is eminently qualified to provide a vote of confidence in Barbados as an investment jurisdiction. Born in Norway, but raised, educated and resident in Barbados since the age of six, Bjorn Bjerkhamn is a proud Barbadian who has successfully developed some 40 companies, all leaders in their respective fields, employing an estimated 3,500 people. His first venture was the formation of Bjerkhamn Construction in 1970. Since then the companies he has started, including Spring Homes, Caribbean Homes, Marina Construction, the Jada Group and Preconco, have delivered some of the most prestigious developments in the Caribbean. The Bjerkhamn portfolio of success stories ranges from luxurious residential communities such as Port St. Charles, Saint Peter’s Bay, Sapphire Beach and the soon to be completed Port Ferdinand, to national initiatives of the scale and stature of the Barbados Coast Guard Facility and the Barbados Judicial Centre. Through diversifying his investments, Bjorn Bjerkhamn today operates in many of the most important sectors of the economy, including manufacturing, construction, tourism, real estate development, retail and wholesale.

Bjorn Bjerkhamn:

Bjorn Bjerkhamn“I continue to invest in this island, even in these tough economic times, because I believe in Barbados. In my opinion, the Barbados Brand has been strengthened by the recession as people who had started to show interest in real estate elsewhere have now come back. Barbados attracts the highest number of repeat visitors per year in the Caribbean. This appeal is a huge part of why Barbados has shown such resilience. Clients have decided not to continue to wait for the economy to rebound before they purchase property here as they realize, now more than ever, how short life is and how important it is to spend quality time with family and friends. And Barbados is a perfect place to spend this time.

People who purchased beachfront homes on the West Coast recently will do well over the next 10 years. The prices offered now will not go lower and purchasers can expect a good return on their investment, especially those who have chosen the north-west portion of the island where we recently completed Saint Peter’s Bay and also have other exciting projects underway. I am really excited about what we are doing in the north-west and how our projects and the community will benefit from one another.

I have lived in Barbados for over 61 years and this wonderful country has afforded me the opportunity to enjoy a very happy life; given me an excellent education; and provided a very sturdy and productive platform for me to build up my business interests. I have not hesitated to take my own hard-earned money and re-invest it back into Barbados. Barbados is a safe and profitable place to invest, so I have no great need to invest elsewhere when there are many attractive opportunities here in my homeland. Barbados is a special country and we are still growing and getting better at what we do. I like to be part of that national growth.”

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