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“ .... security and personal safety have become critical factors when choosing where to establish businesses and where to live and, in that regard, Barbados is a great place to be.”

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January 19, 2012

McEnearney Quality Inc. McEnearney Quality Inc.

ANSA McAL (Barbados) Limited is a Barbados incorporated and domiciled company; while its parent company, ANSA McAL Limited, is a diversified Public Conglomerate, with subsidiaries operating throughout the Caribbean. Listed on the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange, it is one of the largest regional conglomerates with an asset base of over US$1.5 billion. To date, its business operations span a broad spectrum of industries; including manufacturing, brewing, insurance, finance, real estate, media, shipping, trading/distribution, automotive and industrial equipment retailing sectors.

The ANSA McAL subsidiaries in Barbados employ approximately 950 people and comprise some of the island’s oldest and most respected business companies, including such well-known brands as Brydens, Stokes & Bynoe, A&R Tempro, Consolidated Finance and McEnearney Quality Inc. Under the umbrella of ANSA McAL (Barbados) Limited, these well- established Barbadian companies have continued to flourish. More recently, in 2011, ANSA McAL acquired 100 % ownership of Trimart, a Barbadian supermarket chain. The Group in Barbados also holds significant equity in Roberts Manufacturing Co. Ltd. and Moore Paragon (Caribbean) Ltd.

Nicholas Mouttet, President and CEO:

Nicholas Mouttet“The obvious attraction of Barbados as an investment jurisdiction for ANSA McAL is that it is close to Trinidad, the home of our parent company. Plus it is English-speaking, so we have no communication problems. Other major advantages include a sound infrastructure that enables businesses to function efficiently; good education and health care; and general good governance. The fact that the United Nations has ranked Barbados in the top-tier of its Human Development Index speaks volumes for the qualities of this country.

Some operational costs can be high in Barbados but that is due to the high standard of living that this country affords its people. Even that can have benefits for a business since security and personal safety have become critical factors when choosing where to establish businesses and where to live and, in that regard, Barbados is a great place to be. This reduces security costs and makes life a lot more enjoyable. Education has really done a lot to put Barbados in its good position today. As well as the social stability that prevails, Barbados has a well-educated workforce and a high level of literacy – which means we can find good employees across the full range, from labourers up to senior management. Barbados has a very solid banking system and it is an advantage that the Barbados dollar is directly tied to the US dollar. With a population under 300,000 the domestic market is quite small but tourism increases that significantly, with about 500,000 long-stay visitors per year and a similar number of cruise visitors.

All in all, the ANSA McAL group has great confidence in the future growth of Barbados and our own businesses located here. As a company, we choose to be positive whenever we can during challenging economic periods and we believe that this is a good time to invest in Barbados and indeed to invest in ANSA McAL.”

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