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42 / 2020 will begin the third decade of the twenty-first century. From where we stand in the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources, we envisage that by the end of that decade Barbados will be shaped by forces which at this time we are only beginning to conceptualize. This change will be influenced by Government’s vision to move the island to being 100% renewable and carbon neutral by 2030. To chart the energy destiny of the island, the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources has developed an energy policy and accompanying implementation plan. Together, these two documents articulate Government’s vision and provide a concise understanding of its philosophy in transforming the energy sector. The Barbados National Energy Policy (BNEP) advances transformational goals for energy which include: • Providing reliable, safe, affordable, sustainable, modern and climate friendly energy services to all residents and visitors. • Zero domestic consumption of fossil fuels economy wide. The Hon. Wilfred A. Abrahams, M.P. Minister of Energy and Water Resources The Barbados Energy REVOLUTION