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My wife Michal and I relocated to Barbados in 1996 to open the first Diamonds International store in Bridgetown, so we have lived on the island for almost 25- years. During that time we have learned a lot about this country because, from the very beginning, we made a big effort to make Bajan friends and get involved in local society. All three of our children were born here, so we have plenty of first-hand experience of the traditional culture of good family values. And 150 / one of the best outcomes of that family-oriented atmosphere is the high level of philanthropy that exists in Barbados. So many people are willing to support charities in a really impactful and meaningful way. Even in hard economic times, people come together to help when the need arises – not just big organisations and businesses, but also individuals, rich and poor alike. I have never seen anything like this anywhere else in the world. Every country has charities but not like the widespread spirit of giving that exists on this island. Barbados has every reason to be very proud of this aspect of the national character. That is why we at Diamonds International are always happy to play our part and support worthy causes whenever we can. We recognize that it is important for all businesses, our own included, to contribute to national development, especially the health and wellbeing of all the people who live here. The government cannot do everything on its own, so the corporate sector must accept its responsibility to help improve the country’s social services. Over the years, Diamonds International has provided significant support to many charities and a wide range of worthy Diamonds International Delivers Corporate Social Responsibility Jacob Hassid Managing Director, Diamonds International, Barbados. BUSINESS BARBADOS PROFILE