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Today’s work environment is constantly evolving, at times with dizzying changes that require innovative solutions. Employees are hard- pressed to keep pace with job demands, many of which are driven by forces of globalization and technological advances that often require the pursuit of new knowledge. These developments have not only resulted in fast-paced economic transformations across the globe, including the emergence of knowledge-based economies, but they have also generated an increase of more diverse and dynamic career paths. In recognition of this, a growing number of adult learners are seeking to optimize opportunities for learning especially at the highest level. Many have realized, too, that in order to be truly competitive and successful, they must embrace the concept of education as a lifelong endeavour; one that enables them to re- tool and upgrade their capabilities, acquire new competencies, and align their knowledge to the emerging new economies. That being said, however, the transformative demands of the labour market do not easily allow for the substantial investment of time and money, required by busy employees to engage in long- term study such as a full degree programme. For this reason, they are seeking educational opportunities which are focused, practical, and support the achievement of their career goals in a short space of time. Through its Centre for Professional Development and Lifelong Learning (CPDLL), The UWI, Cave Hill Campus affords individuals this opportunity. The CPDLL, at the Cave Hill Campus caters to the learning needs of an extensive range of learners; from mid-career professionals seeking to remain competitive, to school leavers seeking to determine future courses of study or enhance immediate employment possibilities. With over 50 short courses covering a wide variety of areas and formatted for convenience, individuals are able to enhance their career prospects as they seek to: - keep pace with the ever-changing requirements of today’s business world - find better, more satisfying jobs and increase their earning potential - gain the capacity to become more successful in their chosen field, with greater active engagement in civic life, and - lead multidimensional, enriching and fulfilling lives 144 / This is particularly useful to those who want to develop their understanding or capabilities in their current field, without having to pause their careers to do so. In addition, as persons continue to equip themselves with new skills, knowledge and expertise, they become more integral to their company’s success. There are also enhanced benefits for those looking to move into an entirely new industry. Through short courses, they can gain insight into the type of knowledge required for a particular area without having to make a two or three-year commitment. Short courses are particularly relevant and indeed profitable for entrepreneurs and other self-employed persons. Working every day on the same tasks, small business owners run the risk of their ideas becoming tired, their minds uninspired. A short course, which may offer new ideas and skills, can reinvigorate the mind and inspire greater business success. The CPDLL is also useful to young adults who face many concerns regarding their next academic or professional steps. These include the costs versus benefits of any investment in their future, the prospect of immediate employment upon leaving school, along with a variety of other factors. Accreditation in these programmes can serve to not only enhance qualifications, but establish dedication to self-motivation, self-improvement and increase one’s prospects of finding employment or gaining a promotion. With a mission “to meet the lifelong learning needs of the Caribbean and the wider world by offering innovative, accessible, flexible and high quality professional development lifelong learning products/services”, the CPDLL is dedicated to providing an extensive range of educational programmes for a cross-section of professionals and adult learners seeking to take their career to the next level. It is an ideal avenue to encourage voluntary pursuit of personal and professional development in a smart, cutting-edge, learning environment. Welcome to the CPDLL and to a world of enhanced career opportunities! T Building Career Success Through Lifelong Learning BUSINESS BARBADOS PROFILE