We want to showcase Barbados as a premier global business location by informing potential investors that Barbados offers quality business development services in a business-friendly environment that favors foreign direct investment and exports of services. So if your article meets this criteria, we are interested in seeing it. Your article should also:

  • Be independent. The aim is to promote Barbados, not your company specifically. However, you will be given full credit as the author.
  • Have a voice. We want pieces that are bold, interesting, and human.
  • Be accurate and comprehensive.
  • Keep our core readership of business decision makers, influencers and travelers in mind. If your piece focuses on one sector—say, captive insurance or real estate—consider what people from broader fields can learn from it, and how you might include those readers, too.
  • Typically be around 600 to 800 words (though longer or shorter isn’t out of the question).

What we’re not looking for

There are hundreds of other places to find business news, so we want to focus on what we do best. (See above.) We also do not publish:

  • Product pitches or unrelated press releases.
  • Extensions to articles we’ve published, unless they add significant new value.
  • Anything that has been published elsewhere, including your website/blog.

Submitting an article

Articles written for publication on use an informal, conversational tone, by being accurate, insightful, objective and clear. Our article space is intentionally limited to a single page. There is no room for meandering,  so don’t warm up to your subject by preceding it with generalizations.

Experienced business professionals read Business Barbados. If you dumb down your article, you will offend these readers. But our readers come from many backgrounds—a reader who knows all about tax planning might not necessarily be abreast with the latest in communications infrastructure—so take time to provide pertinent background information, if only as a link.


A title with eight words performs best. A colon or hyphen in the title — indicating a subtitle — performs 9% better than headlines without. Titles that end with a question mark have a higher click-through rate than those that end with exclamation marks or periods.

Author bios and photos

Author bios should be 40 to 50 words long and may include links. They should be snappy, informative, and brief. Author photos don’t need to be professional portraits, but should look polished.

Article Format

Please e-mail us your article in one of the following formats:

  • Microsoft Word doc or RTF
  • Plain text
  • Google document

The h1 element is reserved for use as a page header, so please use h2 through h4 as needed in your article. If you use Microsoft Word or plain text, please put link text in square brackets, with the URL in parentheses following your link text (or use Textile marks).

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