Why Barbados?

An Open Letter to High Net Worth Individuals and Investors

Now is an opportune moment to align your future with Barbados: for the benefit of your business, your family and your personal wellbeing. We want to welcome ‘best of class’ individuals and companies into our country.

The Green Monkey Course, Photo courtesy Sandy Lane
Relevanty-skilled Professional Workforce: A Barbados Advantage

“ .... the island’s historic emphasis on education has positioned it to surpass other similar jurisdictions in possessing a homegrown capacity to provide professionals to support this industry.”

Relavantly-skilled Professional Workforce
High Ratings on Global Rankings Underscore the Barbados Success Story

“… this is the location that continues to be chosen by discerning investors that are looking for a sophisticated and authentic Caribbean destination that provides a great quality of life, high levels of service and an enabling business environment.”

A plus
Choose Barbados: The Smart Choice for All the Right Reasons

“Barbados can be the smart choice for today’s investors because we can provide the right values, the right business environment, the right people, the right services, the right attitudes and the right results.”

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