Tourism provides the main source of foreign exchange, economic activity and employment. The major elements of Barbados’ tourism product are its solid historical and cultural legacy, varied entertainment and its natural physical attributes. The four major markets for the Barbados tourist industry are the UK, USA, Continental Europe and Canada.

Accommodation facilities in Barbados include a wide range of hotels, apartments, luxury villas, cottages and beach houses. Barbados receives just over one million visitors per year, with cruise ship arrivals narrowly surpassing long-stay arrivals in recent years. Economic expenditure by those two groups collectively exceeded US$1.2B in 2010, with spending down 6.8% through Q1 to Q3 2011. The Port Authority has invested in a dredging exercise to facilitate mega cruise liners, which has expanded its berthing capacity and the potential to earn more foreign exchange.

Investment Opportunities in the Tourism Sector

There are numerous opportunities for investment in both room stock and services, with prime real estate currently available on the south and west coasts, in what is still considered a buyers’ market.

The Hidden Golf Gems of Barbados

There is little doubt that the world-class quality of the golf courses, coupled with the sea, fine cuisine, quality international schools, friendly people and the safe openness of Barbados, has been a key driver in attracting some very wealthy people and FDI to Barbados in recent years.

Into the Blue: New Investor Opportunities

As a small green dot in a big blue ocean, Barbados has built a reputation for managing increasingly finite resources while having the fourth highest population density in this hemisphere.

Barbados blue economy
Nikki Beach Chooses Barbados for Its 14th Luxury Beach Club

"Our 1.4 acre property sits right on the ocean and boasts some of the most incredible views I’ve ever seen." - Peter Higney, Director of New Business Development, Nikki Beach Worldwide

Nikki Beach
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