The Barbados economy is comprised of enterprises engaged in a variety of business activities in many industries. The major contributors to the Barbados economy are the service sector. The sector includes, among others, government services, tourism services, and finance and business services. The finance and business services industry is the largest component of GDP by industry since it accounts for 31.0 per cent of GDP.

This section of explores these major industries providing where available a summary of the industry editor’s perspective of that industry today New and emerging developments in the sector (policy changes, new technology, new investments, recent stories and important developments and updates of interest about the sector).

Accelerating Barbados’ Digital Transformation

The results at CivTech have been remarkable. Not only is it producing solutions to public sector problems that help efficiencies, reduce costs and make lives better, it’s also triggering new businesses, new jobs, and new revenues - and for the right products, new markets on a worldwide basis.

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Barbados: A Global Business Centre

For several decades Barbados has stood as an international business and financial services centre of choice

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Barbados Embraces Fintech

Barbados too is making steady strides. The country has remained on a positive trajectory while it continues to further stabilise and transform its economy and business sector.

Central Bank of Barbados
Towards a Smart Barbados – Strategies for Building and Governing a Digital Society

The new Barbados is designed to leverage technologies, systems and structures that are climate-smart, environmentally conscious, and resilient in the face of increasingly unpredictable global weather patterns and events.

Smart Barbados
ICOs in Barbados: Part (1)

Barbados should carefully consider policies to promote the utilization of alternative capital formation arrangements.

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