An Open Letter to High Net Worth Individuals and Investors

Now is an opportune moment to align your future with Barbados: for the benefit of your business, your family and your personal wellbeing. We want to welcome ‘best of class’ individuals and companies into our country.

By Keith Miller

February 19, 2013

The Green Monkey Course, Photo courtesy Sandy Lane The Green Monkey Course, Photo courtesy Sandy Lane

Dear Potential Friend of Barbados

I invite you to please give due consideration to Barbados as your preferred location to live, work and play.

Barbados has long been respected as a well-managed jurisdiction that is stable,transparent and compliant. Today, following many decades of carefully planned strategic development and increasing maturity as an independent nation, we are more qualified than ever to invite you to establish a home for your family and your business here on our island. We can offer you a secure and sound infrastructure to support your business operations, a happy and healthy lifestyle for you and your family and a warm welcome into our community.

Barbados may be a small island but we have big ambitions. We want to create an environment where everybody has an opportunity to participate in and benefit from  the success of this country; where the quality of life is as good as anywhere in the world; and where our products and services are always in demand. We want to be a global centre of excellence. We are working towards becoming the #1 Entrepreneurial Hub In The World by 2020.

Our business leaders, our representative organizations and our government recognize that we cannot achieve these targets alone. Progressive Barbadians understand that for our country to become a world leader, we must first work alongside people who are already seasoned practitioners of global best practices.

To that end, we want to welcome ‘best of class’ individuals and companies into our country.

The Government recently introduced a new immigration policy that provides for a Special Entry Permit designed to better facilitate residence arrangements in Barbados for high net worth individuals. This very significant decision to liberalize the country’s immigration laws represents a major step forward in support of Barbados’ revitalized efforts to attract a new wave of successful entrepreneurs and bona fide investors.

Barbados has firmly established itself as a leading jurisdiction for international business operations,with an ever-increasing credibility as a prime location for the substantive presence of regional and global companies. Unlike some similar jurisdictions, Barbados has never actively sought ‘brass plate’ entitiesbut rather has preferred to attract those investors who recognize the value of establishing solid roots in this country. To successfully achieve this goal, Barbados has gone to great lengths to create the right kind of business environment that can empower international companies based on the island to not only compete in the world market place but to also thrive.

While most international investors who have already established in Barbados will acknowledge that they chose this jurisdiction because of its essential business qualities, the vast majority of them will all also talk in glowing terms about the excellent quality of life they enjoy here. It is very common to hear members of the international business community comment that the best thing about Barbados is the wonderful balance between being able to get the job done properly while enjoying a fantastic lifestyle. It is perhaps this intangible factor that most differentiates our country from competing jurisdictions around the world.Barbados has achieved a happy medium between building the sophisticated infrastructure of a developed nation while still retaining the appealing characteristics of a tropical island. In essence, it is a well-balanced country with a little bit of everything for everybody. Barbados works and it is fun!

Life in Barbados is good. Thanks to a year-round climate that provides near perfect weather conditions,combined with a salubrious natural environment, our island is tailor-made for outdoor pursuits and a healthy lifestyle. Family values are still important and children are well protected within a caring society.Education and health care standards are good. Our senior citizens regularly live to a hundred.

Barbados is a safe, tolerant and harmonious country where people from many diverse backgrounds and religious creeds are able to live peacefully together, despite the fact that all 285,000 of us are living within the confines of just 166 square miles. Perhaps due to the compact physical nature of the island,along with the generally friendly disposition of Bajans, Barbados has developed a culture that embraces residents from overseas. Rather than remaining isolated in enclaves, expatriates in our country mix with locals in a wide variety of circumstances.

Being one of the world’s leading vacation destinations, Barbados can provide magnificent accommodation and recreational facilities: including a diverse range of luxurious homes, some of which are associated with world-class golf courses, polo fields, residential marinas and a tennis centre; as well as numerous beachfront properties and countryside plantation houses. From an opulent waterfront home over looking the marina at Port Ferdinand, to a superb villa amongst the rolling fairways of Apes Hill Club or the understated magnificence of the Oliver Messel inspired Fustic House, Barbados can offer something to satisfy even the most demanding and whimsical of tastes.

Over the decades, Barbados has become the preferred vacation destination for royal families, leading statesmen, film stars, sports icons and acclaimed business personalities. While they undoubtedly appreciate the glorious natural beauty of Barbados and the multitude of first-class facilities, these celebrities also greatly value the privacy they can enjoy on this island. Barbadians are renowned for protecting the private lives of our VIP visitors. Generally speaking, you only hear publicly in Barbados that a celebrity has visited the island after they have already left. Most times you just don’t hear about it at all,since high profile residents can quietly enter and leave Barbados via the island’s private jet terminal or onboard a luxury yacht.

Throughout its fascinating history Barbados has consistently achieved an eminent degree of success that is quite disproportionate to the limited physical dimensions of the island. Yet it is apparent that our country and its people are still capable of much greater advancement. There exists a gold mine of real potential that is yet to be tapped. As we embark on this exciting new phase of our national journey, when we are seeking to attract the world’s leading entities to our shores, dare I say that the best of Barbados is yet to come.

Now is an opportune moment to align your future with Barbados: for the benefit of your business, your family and your personal wellbeing.

Yours truly
Keith Miller

Keith Miller

Keith Miller was born in Liverpool, England, but has been a permanent resident of Barbados since 1978 and proudly claims to be a Bajan by invitation and adoption. Educated at the Liverpool Blue Coat School; the John Moores University; the Sorbonne, University of Paris, France; and the University of Valencia, Spain, his first venture into commercial life was in a management capacity with the retail giants, Marks and Spencer. Having decided that he needed to broaden his horizons with a more demanding and exciting challenge, Keith relocated to Barbados by accepting a position as a teacher and housemaster at Mapps College, St. Philip, where he remained for 14 years, including the last 6 as Headmaster. In 1983, Keith and his wife Sally established Miller Publishing Company and launched the Ins & Outs of Barbados tourist guide. Today Miller Publishing publishes the Ins & Outs of Barbados, the Ins & Outs of Trinidad & Tobago, the Ins & Outs of St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Barbados in a Nutshell, Visit Barbados and a wide range of high quality coffee-table books. Over the course of the years, Keith and Sally have been jointly awarded with The Ernst & Young Entrepreneurs of the Year for Tourism in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean; the Minister of Tourism's Special Award for Contribution to the Development of Tourism in Barbados and the Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association's Lifetime Achievement Award. In addition to Miller Publishing and the Caribbean Business Publications projects of Business Barbados,, the Business Barbados E-Book and Business Trinidad & Tobago, Keith has also worked with a Canadian film production company to produce Barbados Style, a very high quality HD TV Film which promoted Barbados to a global audience. Keith also works as a professional writer and he has been shortlisted for the British Sports Book of the Year New Writer Award, for his title Steven Gerrard, Michael Owen and Me, which is based on the Academy System in Premier League Football in the UK. In between working, Keith enjoys travelling, keeping fit, good food and wine, playing golf, following all sports, relaxing at the beach and mentoring young people and would-be entrepreneurs. For over 10 years he was a Member and Chairman of the Board of St. Gabriel's School; he is a Founder Member of the Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation, and he is the Project Leader of the $20 Challenge, an entrepreneurship competition for secondary school students.

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