The British High Commission in Bridgetown, Barbados, has been working hard to implement a number of Greening initiatives in recent months. The latest project is the installation of one of the largest new residential rain water harvesting systems in Barbados at the High Commissioner’s residence, ‘Ben Mar’. The project involves water funnelled from the roof of the service quarters to tanks with a total capacity of 8,000 gallons. Henceforth, the grounds of the residence will be irrigated by rain water, instead of municipal drinking water.

Barbados is among the most water scarce countries in the world, and its reserves continue to diminish. By implementing this project the High Commission has made a huge step in reducing its consumption of municipal water supplies and at the same time reducing its water bill. It is also hoped that, through local media coverage, this project will encourage other organisations and individuals to undertake similar projects at their homes and businesses.

The latest greening initiatives in Bridgetown have been implemented by the High Commission’s Sustainable Operations Officer, Lani Edghill, who has been funded by a grant from the FCO’s Sustainable Operations Challenge Fund. In addition to the water harvesting project, Lani has worked with the Post Green Team to promote increased re-cycling, lower energy usage and to cut down on waste going to landfill. Additionally, the High Commission has signed on to the 10:10 Campaign and is encouraging all staff to play an active role in helping to secure a 10% reduction in the post’s energy consumption. Tying into energy conservation is the Green Business Barbados Programme that the British High Commission has been working on attaining from the Future Centre Trust. This programme has helped the High Commission to be more conscious of energy consumption and the options available to reduce it.


Rain Water Harvesting System
Rain Water Harvesting System

The Green Business Barbados Programme is a local initiative that has been created through grass roots support and government endorsement. The project is a localized version of a green business programme that focuses on local, attainable and affordable options for local, regional and off shore businesses. The programme focuses on five key areas within a business that contributes to environmental issues within our community and business environment; waste reduction & recycling, energy conservation, water conservation, pollution control & management and environmental education. The key goal of the programme is to help jumpstart the green economy here in Barbados and create a new marketing option for companies and consumers who see the value in investing in socially and environmentally responsible businesses.


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