B’s Bottle Depot was founded in June 1997, as a one door shop in Eagle Hall St Michael. The main focus of the business at the time was to purchase bottles for recycling purposes.At that point B’s had a staff of one person and me, Paul Bynoe. In 1998, I was able to afford my 1st truck and employed another staff member. By 1999, the demand for customer collections was evident and we had to purchase another vehicle whereby employing another three members of staff in order to serve our customers efficiently.

Within two years, the shop in Eagle Hall became too small to accommodate the amount of bottles being returned. This is what facilitated the move to our current location in Cane Garden St Thomas, where the original plan was to purchase the bottles at Eagle Hall and sort and store at the Cane Garden St Thomas location. However that did not last long as customer kept stopping, wanting to return the bottles to the Cane Garden location and as a result we permanently moved our operations there by April of 2001. From there, the business continued to grow.

In the 2003, we were responsible for collection and processing of the majority of plastic bottles on the islands. We were then approached on broadening our activities, which we did by introducing metals for recycling. Later that year we got involved with the Solid Waste project Unit Awareness Champagne, which was designed to reach out to the community and let teachers, restaurants, hoteliers, churches and small businesses know of recycling efforts in Barbados and  options available to them.

Since having expanding our recycling efforts to metal scrap we then started recycling corrugated card and renaming our depot from B’s Bottle Depot to B’s Recycling

We currently take different types of recyclable items such as Plastic and Glass bottles, Batteries, Cans, Bumpers, Electronic Scrap, Card and all types of metal including old cars, fridges and stoves etc. There are several types of plastics accepted for recycling these include: – Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) which when processed the end product looks like plastic flakes. The glass bottles are processed similar to the plastic bottles. They are received, sorted and then returned to their respective companies such as R.L. Seale & Co. Ltd. The batteries can be collected by or delivered to B’s Recycling there are then secured with plastic, containerized and shipped aboard for recycling. Metal comes in various forms such as steel and cast iron just to name a few and are sorted containerized and then shipped aboard for recycling.

Since recycling plays a big role in our lives and there are a lot more people being educated about recycling and how it can help the environment our customer base has been expanding and the staff members have increase from two person when we first started to sixty-three persons today.

B’s Recycling
Cane Garden St. Thomas
Open 8am-5pm Monday – Saturday

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