The Barbados National Entrepreneurship Summit will make a significant mark on the local business landscape. In this current economic environment dubbed “the Age of Austerity”, the Summit is set to be the catalyst for the proliferation of one of the most important players in economic growth and stimulation, the entrepreneur. The Summit will boast the most important and influential gathering of entrepreneurs and other major stakeholders this year.

Evolved from the E-Team, the Foundation plans to accomplish its vision through partnerships with key stakeholders such as the government, civil society, the Labour Movement, Educators, International Agencies and Governments and has received the full endorsement of both the government and the opposition for this transformational venture.

Endorsement has also come from the highest levels of Barbadian business in the form of founding sponsorship from some of Barbados’ best known and most successful entrepreneurs, like Sir Kyffin Simpson and Ralph ‘Bizzy’ Williams. Major companies like The Nation Publishing Co. Limited and DIGICEL have also given their endorsement. Strong support for the project has also come from agencies such as the US and Canadian Governments and the Barbados Private Sector Agency. Dialogue has also begun with other key stakeholders including the Labour Movement, Educational Institutions and The Public Sector.

The Summit will be a reservoir of business strategy, partnership and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs of all levels, it will serve as a catapult for the metamorphosis of Barbados into an entrepreneurial state.

Richard Florida in his book “The Great Reset concludes (based on his research over the last 200 years) that we will not “recover” from this economic crisis, but the world will need to do things very differently (i.e. “Reset” the economies). What the E-Team is doing for Barbados, is exactly that. “Resetting Barbados” – to do things very differently – via entrepreneurship.

The agenda has been built on the five pillars deemed critical for sustainable entrepreneurship: Finance, Government Policy, Education and Skills, Mentorship/Networking and Business Facilitation. It will showcase a series of interactive panels and speakers featuring prominent local and international figures in the entrepreneurial, investor and governmental community.


  • Chris DeCaires, CEO – Fednav International Limited
  • Stephen Cozier, Managing Director – Scotia Bank
  • Dr. Jeannine Comma, CEO – Cave Hill School of Business
  • Dr. Basil Springer, Consultant – Barbados Entrepreneurs’ Venture Capital Fund
  • Adrian Wilson, CEO – Square 1 Bank
  • Paul Kedrosky, Senior Fellow – Kauffman Foundation
  • Dr. Eddie Molloy, Programme Director – Advanced Organisations
  • Lorraine Hariton – Special Representative forCommercial & Business Affairs Department of State USA
  • Alex Pratt, Founder & Owner – Serious Brands
  • Derek Browne, Founder & CEO – Entrepreneurs in Action (EiA)
  • Greg Horowitt, Co Founder & Director – Global Connect
  • Bryan Pearce, Director – Ernst & Young Americas


We wish to thank our sponsors for their commitment and support of our Vision


The Building Sustainable Entrepreneurship Conference has been endorsed at the highest level in Barbados.

Hon. David Thompson, Prime Minister of Barbados

“I am very pleased to lend my Government’s full support to the Vision of the of the E-Team to transform Barbados into: The Number one Entrepreneurial Hub in the World by 2020. This is the type of ambitious forward thinking initiative that we need in all sectors in Barbados to enable us to fulfill our potential as a Global Business Economy with strong foreign exchange earning sectors.”

Hon. Mia Mottley, Leader of The Opposition

“Harnessing the talent of the Barbadian entrepreneurial community with a focus on external markets and innovation will help the economy grow and will also support the creation of a new generation of wealth creators. I will do all that I can to support the E-Team as it works to create the entrepreneurial ecosystem that will attract investment from local and international entrepreneurs.”

Barry O’Brien, General Manager, Digicel Barbados

“Digicel Barbados has given due consideration to the E-Team initiative on sustainable entrepreneurship in Barbados … and considers that this initiative has very good potential to drive future business in Barbados; hence Digicel Barbados is offering to become involved… Additionally Digicel Barbados will assist with the mentoring process for entrepreneurs who are in the telecoms space. Having gone through the process recently myself of starting a high tech telecoms company I understand some of the issues. The primary areas we will assist with are on advising whether an entrepreneur’s service/product offering meets the addressable market and potentially Digicel could become a reference customer.”


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