What I have seen since the crash of 2007 has me very worried about our future as an island. I feel like we are chasing an economy that doesn’t exist anymore and this has left us in a very vulnerable position.

I have come up with the following to not solve all of our woes but to take a look at drastically changing our course as an island across many sectors. These are actions that can be implemented with efficient use of resources and ensure that we invest in things that bring us the greatest financial, social and environmental returns.


Ministry of Agriculture to take on an aggressive 15 year plan to plant ALL non-productive government land in a national organic timber and fruit forest. This creates thousands of jobs and even more once the trees become productive . This national forest could earn Barbados hundreds of millions every year.


In order to encourage the consumer to use less imported fuel offer a duty-free concession to all-electric vehicles with the receipt of a certified government GEED inspection for a solar installation over 5KW. This ensures that the growing number of electric vehicles does not stress our national electric grid and reduces our fuel import bill instantly


Education is the cornerstone of our future and we are not preparing our children for this future. We need to instill critical thinking into our school systems. As I am not a teacher in the traditional sense I would do what I do when I have any problem, find the people who are doing it best. I would go to Germany and Scandinavia and take a look at their systems and make them culturally and socially relevant


Remove the BLP power providing monopoly. If the Fair Trading commission increased the level of power that can be generated by alternative energy, say to 50%, and the power production monopoly was removed there will be a tidal wave of private sector investment. This energy boom will create investment vehicles with return over 10% per year, create hundreds of skilled jobs and cut our oil import bill drastically.


Losing over 40% of the water through leaks in our current water system is unacceptable. With the figure of fixing our water lines being over a Billion dollars it made me start looking at alternatives. Many islands in the Caribbean live with house that catch and use 100% of their water. Is it cheaper to have 275,000 micro systems? I have done the math and the answer is yes. This would transition government employees to the private sector and create a whole new industry


About 95% of what we use in our houses can be recycled or composted. Set up a national privatized recycling collection and provide compost bins to every household. This would immediately alleviate the burden and associated costs of MTW. This takes the expense away from government and transitions government employees to the private sector employees. A clean recycling island attracts more visitors


I believe that our governments should have party ratios in its membership to ensure that our leaders have a well-rounded perspective when looking at how to take our nation forward.

  • 20% Teachers and artists
  • 20% Local and off shore sector business
  • 20% Hoteliers and hospitality industry
  • 20% healthcare and nutrition industry
  • 20% Lawyers

The debate and actions taken to lead our country forward need to have a more rounded perspective in our representative leaders in order to make sure we target our most effective and efficient use of our limited resources.

About the Author

Fraser Young
Fraser Young -

Fraser Young founder of Ecostructure, and co-founder of and Archers Organics. We create sustainable examples across different business sectors, we create examples that are both economically and environmentally sustainable. By rethinking the way we live and consume on a daily basis we can create an island that lays the groundwork for the most valuable export we could give to the world...a template for change.