The Crane Residential Resort

“I first invested in Barbados in 1988 .... Now, 23 years later, I am extremely pleased to have picked Barbados since it has proven to be a great environment for growing our business.”

The Crane Residential Resort
Limegrove Lifestyle Centre

“...we have been able to attract a cadre of premium global brands, who are confident in our destination, location and in the vision for Limegrove and Barbados.”

ANSA McAL (Barbados) Limited

“ .... security and personal safety have become critical factors when choosing where to establish businesses and where to live and, in that regard, Barbados is a great place to be.”

McEnearney Quality Inc.
Bjorn Bjerkhamn

“I have not hesitated to take my own hard- earned money and re-invest it back into Barbados. Barbados is a safe and profitable place to invest.”

St. Peters Bay

“ ... the company chose to invest in Barbados because we recognize that this island provides us with a unique opportunity to connect with a significant target market of very high-end clientele.”

The Cartier Boutique at Limegrove Lifestyle Centre
American World Clinics to open World Class Hospital in Barbados

“And they also have a commitment to excellence, which I found to be unique within the Caribbean basin. And finally it is a country that has an entrepreneurial spirit and they want to develop new sectors in their economy.”

American World Clinics - Barbados, Ltd.

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