The full third season of “Do It Fuh Grantley”, the popular finance and lifestyle podcast from Fortress Fund Managers is now available online.

Offering an engaging mix of insight, personal story and investment Information, the third season focuses on enhancing the lives of listeners with small steps we can all take towards financial freedom. From a single mother and professional’s journey towards being mortgage free and an entertainment entrepreneur’s pursuit of passive income and early retirement, the podcast offers something for every listener.

Launched in January last year, the “Do It Fuh Grantley” podcast is a way to demystify the world of investing and empower more Barbadians to invest.  The topics in this season focus on: becoming debt free, buying property as an investment, millennials and investing, myths surrounding women and money, retirement, and planning for less financial stress after Christmas.

Kim Howard, co-host of the podcast and marketing manager at Fortress said, “During this season we focused even more on the inspirational personal stories of our guests and honed in on some small and practical steps that we can all take to more securely fund our future regardless of where we are on our journeys.  I’ve learnt much from the season and I think our listeners will as well.

This season, Howard and co-host,  entrepreneur and investment professional Omar Kennedy chat about life, money and investing with a range of invited guests including financial advisors, entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and  retirement professionals who share stories of why financial freedom is important, how they are pursuing it, and its wider impact on them and their families.  

Real estate investing – Look for signs development is coming

In the episode entitled “House Hunters”, real estate investor Kelly Johnally suggests that potential investors look for locations where they see utilities or services being installed. “I bought a property in the Villages at Coverley and I got a lot of shade but I remember that I went to the opening of a fast food restaurant and they spoke about having one at Newton… Once you see gas stations going up, and other utilities going into an area, the area is about to be developed and at that time the cost of land and property is quite low. Even seeing where people start to cut roads, these things are indicators that development is coming to an area.

During the episode on living debt free, mother and HR professional, Alison Brome speaks about the moment when she learnt about making prepayments on a mortgage. She was facing the prospect of having a mortgage until she reached the age of 60. “I didn’t know what impact prepayments would have. So I found an amortization schedule online for free, and realised that with an additional two payments a year I could shave off at least five years from my mortgage.

The free podcast is available on Apple or Android podcast apps or at

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