In April 2011 Structural Systems Ltd started the process of implementing our very own Green Business Barbados programme in order to green their operations. The first step to achieving this goal was to appoint Aldric Barnett as the Structural Systems Ltd Green Officer within the organisation in order to implement the programme and work with the Green Business coordinator on local, affordable and practical measures. The next step was to reach out to the employees in the organisation who might be interested in becoming part of the green team who would help spread the word and implement various measures.

The focus for the project was efficiency in all of the five component areas (Water Conservation, Energy Conservation & Renewables, Waste Reduction & Recycling, Pollution Control and environmental education) of the project that was set by the General Manager Mr. Andre Gibson. The first focus was on setting up a community recycling facility at their office that would facilitate recycling of items not just within the office but also from employee home refuse. This allows employees to bring recycling from home to a central collection area at work to help make recycling easier for those who work there. The team also built their own recycling bin for the organisation out of off-cut aluminium pieces from their manufacturing plant.

Structural Systems Ltd excelled in the waste reduction and recycling section of the programme by implementing various waste reduction measure such as; replacing all disposable plastic and Styrofoam cups with reusable options, implementing a paper saving programme and switch off programme. High speed hand dryers were also installed to reduce paper towel waste from restrooms. Education was also a key focus for Structural Systems Ltd staff who wanted to learn more about the topic. Staff members learned about the reasons for going green such as; plastic pollution in our oceans, pollution in paper making and ground water contamination due to improper waste reduction and recycling methods.

The partnership between the Future Centre Trust and Structural Systems Ltd will not only last during the five (5) month long programme but will persist through the resource centre’s public service programmes. The organisation also partnered with the FCT for Clean Up Barbados Day and were the leading team who collected the largest amount of waste for one team, in the summer rain. “Andre Gibson, We are very happy to have successfully completed the well designed Green Business Barbados Program. Our on time completion of this programme was a result of the determined efforts of our Green Team, support of our staff and the clear guidance of the GBB team. We are pleased to be doing our part to help Barbados achieve its goal of becoming the Greenest Economy in the Caribbean, and we encourage others to contribute in ways that they can.”

Please contact the Lani Edghill, the GBB Programme Coordinator  on (246) 836-6189 or at

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