Dexter Moe
Dexter Moe, Vice President of Investment Management Services, Sagicor

For the financial year that ended, September 30, 2017, investors in the Sagicor Asset Management Inc’s Sagicor Select Growth Fund and Sagicor Global Balanced Fund were well rewarded as their investment grew by 8.6% and 8.5%, respectively. The Funds’ competitive performances were broadly fueled by significant positive performances of equities within international equity markets. The positive trend in performances across the growth and balanced segments, represents an improvement over last year’s returns to investors of 7.3% and 6.9%, respectively. In the income fund category, the Sagicor Preferred Income Fund provided investors with a return of 2.2% despite the ongoing challenges of the domestic fixed-income environment.

The Sagicor suite of Mutual Funds continued to provide an avenue for investors to “have their money work for them” and provide attractive returns within an environment where returns have been generally low. The Sagicor Preferred Income Fund is geared towards more conservative individuals and is largely invested in various bonds. The Sagicor Global Balanced Fund is more proportionately invested between bonds and equities and is suited to investors with a medium tolerance for risk. The Sagicor Select Growth Fund is mainly invested in international equities and is suited for investors who are willing to accept higher levels of risk.

The performance of the funds is nothing new explains Dexter Moe, Vice President of Investment Management Services. “Sagicor Funds have consistently achieved favourable returns for our shareholders. The strength of our product and the knowledge of our portfolio management team have led to this strong performance.”

Sagicor Mutual Funds are suitable long-term saving options to provide for various life goals including saving for a child’s education, acquiring a home, providing for the unforeseeable, creating and accumulating wealth or for retirement. The consistent, creditable past performance of Sagicor Asset Management Inc.’s range of fund outpaces inflation and exceeds the return on near-term investments such as traditional savings accounts and Treasury Bills.

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