RBC Insurance Company Ltd. (“RBCICL”) started its green programme back in March 2008 with the simple suggestion of implementing recycled ink cartridges and double-sided printing as a daily routine. Flash forward 5 years and RBCICL has a flourishing green programme which has been embraced by all staff.

In 2012, RBCICL decided to take its green awareness one step further and, with assistance from local NGO Future Centre Trust’s Green Business Barbados Programme, has been able to improve upon an already solid green framework while introducing new measures to make sure the programme’s success over time. The green initiatives which have been put in place over the years include a newly expanded recycling programme, setting double-sided draft printing as the default and many small, but effective, cost and energy-efficient measures into the daily routine.

Throughout the implementation phase of the GBB programme, RBCICL has excelled in waste reduction, electronic waste (e-waste) management and traditional recycling by providing recycling bins which are easily accessible to all staff. The Company has adopted a holistic approach to its green initiatives by extending its recycling drive to include not only office produced waste, but also to include items brought from home. This type of community-based recycling initiative helps to cut the resources needed to do separate collections for each household and makes recycling convenient for persons who would otherwise find it difficult to include some of these green habits in their daily routines.

As part of the pollution control requirements of the programme, the Company participated in the Trees for the Future Programme. The timing of this initiative coincided with RBCICL’s celebration of their 25th Anniversary in Barbados and the Company planted 25 fruit trees at the gymnasium for future generations to benefit from. This initiative not only speaks to the Company’s dedication to environmental awareness but also to its vision to reach out to the community

Tom Dalinda, CEO of RBC Insurance Company Ltd., had this to say about Green Business Barbados: “We are very pleased to have found a programme which shares our view of the significance of adopting eco-friendly practices in the workplace. The success of our own greening efforts can be attributed to the dedication of each staff member and the fact that over the years the “green theme” has been encouraged throughout. We are confident that our partnership with the Future Centre Trust will inspire us to aim for continued success while helping us to take our green programme to the next level.”

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