A powerful message as PwC firms across the Caribbean commit to offsetting 100% of their business air travel and energy consumption.

PwC firms operating in the​ Bahamas, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, East Caribbean, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and Turks & Caicos​, have each pledged:

“While driving efficiency to reduce our absolute carbon impact, we commit to offset our air travel emissions and energy consumption by 100%.”

Mike Bynoe, PwC East Caribbean Territory Leader​,​ ​said:

“By making this commitment, PwC in the Caribbean is sending a powerful message that businesses can operate successfully without harming the environment. We are proud to opt in to this action by the PwC global network as we do​ our part in m​inimising the environmental impact from our operations.

“As we work together to reduce our carbon footprint across the Caribbean, w​e are also engaging our people to raise awareness of sustainability issues and encouraging them to take action to reduce their own environmental impacts. PwC in the Caribbean supports a number of environment and sustainability focused non-profit organisations throughout the region.”

Some highlights of PwC’s environmental initiatives around the Caribbean include:

  • PwC Jamaica:​ Proud supporter of the Jamaica Environment Trust and the important work they do in helping to protect the country’s natural resources: “With the collective support of PwC firms in Jamaica, Barbados, Bahamas and Trinidad and Tobago, we were the sustainability sponsor supporting the climate change and risk reduction presentation at the 37t​h ICAC Conference of Accountants in June, where we gave awaya variety of tree saplings from our booth.”
  • PwC Barbados:​ The firm collected over 100 pounds of plastic in support of the country’s April 1 single-use plastics ban: “We haven’t stopped there, we’re composting as well with our newly built compost heap, and have planted more trees around our office building adding to our ‘greening’ mission.”
  • PwC Bermuda: ​We are taking action to support a more sustainable future, including our Pledge for the Planet program and investing in a number of environmental sustainability initiatives, such as Clean Parks. Many of our 200 people have chosen to offset their personal carbon footprint, as well as to pledge other individual actions such as committing to a more sustainable diet, no single use plastics, and switching to energy-efficient light bulbs.
  • PwC Cayman Islands:​ Support for Shark Conservation Cayman by purchasing a tracking device and tag for a 152cm male Caribbean Reef Shark in Little Cayman in March 2019: “We are excited about what scientists will be able to learn from our little PwC tagged shark!”
  • PwC Bahamas: ​As part of its continuing ‘green goals’ since FY17, PwC Bahamas has invested in reusable PwC water bottles, coffee mugs, plates, cups and utensils for staff at its office: “We are proud to have successfully eliminated the use of plastics!”

Across ​all​ the firms, elimination of single use plastic items from offices and corporate events is encouraged, along with office ​reduction, reuse and recycling programmes.

Mr. Bynoe​ ​said,​

​“These commitments are for us a recognition of the need to accelerate the pace of change when it comes to managing our carbon footprint and contributing to sustainable and thriving communities. They are an opportunity for all of us to make small changes that can lead to big impacts.”

Verified offsets

With support from Natural Capital Partners, PwC member firms select carbon offset portfolios to reflect local priorities. Underpinning the approach is a set of strict quality criteria, including ensuring offsets are verified by an independent third party to an established standard or protocol. Through PwC’s purchasing the network seeks to drive projects with multiple benefits, including helping to create renewables markets, to support local economic and social development and to create and sustain sustainable landscapes. PwC may also s​ubmit local projects to vet for future investment.

Through these projects the PwC global network of firms, including those in the ​Caribbean​, is projected to have collectively impacted nearly ​3 million​ people worldwide, protected or restored 656,000 hectares ​of forest​, ​generated​ 209,000 MWh ​of clean energy and created over​ 570 new full time jobs.

Find out more about PwC’s commitments in the Caribbean and approach to corporate responsibility here: ​www.pwc.com/cb