September 30th the new deadline for submissions of nominations

Royal Fidelity has extended the deadline for entry for nominations of your favourite teacher for the National Distinguished Teachers Awards. Back to school activities have boosted nominations and heightened interest in rewarding teachers for their fine efforts and Royal Fidelity is keen to give as many people as possible the opportunity to nominate a teacher for the prestigious and monetary award.

Royal Fidelity demonstrated its commitment to education in Barbados, by offering $20,000 in cash prizes for 10 dedicated teachers, in the form of the National Distinguished Teachers Awards. The awards will be for 2 Nursery School Teachers, 3 Primary School Teachers, 2 Secondary School Teachers, 1 Sixth Form Teacher, 1 Special Needs Teacher and 1 tertiary teacher from Barbados Community College, Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic or Erdiston College.

The Blue Ribbon Judging Panel, which is comprised of 6 highly regarded people who are well known in the field of education in Barbados is comprised of : Mr. Keith Miller (Chief Judge), Mrs. Grace Pilgrim, Mr. Mac Fingall, Mr. Matthew Farley, Ms. Joy Gittens and Mr. Charles Chambers (Managing Director of Royal Fidelity).

“The importance of teachers in the development of a nation’s children and by extension the development of a nation, though crucial, is hardly ever appropriately recognized.  Barbados’ foundation is the solid education of the people, and Royal Fidelity is delighted to be playing a role in supporting and recognizing the country’s teaching staff,” said Charles Chambers, Royal Fidelity’s Managing Director.

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