DuraTile Inc. and Creative Paving Solutions Inc. have introduced the DuraTile Roofing System, Mesa Retaining Wall and Stained Polished Concrete Floors to the local and Caribbean markets.

Managing Director of the Companies Stuart Maloney, made this disclosure at a plant tour of their Lears St. Michael facilities on June 20th. Mr. Maloney provided a review of the Stained Polished Concrete Floors and Mesa Retaining Wall System which Creative Paving Solutions has added to their product line. The Mesa Retaining Wall System provides a cost effective alternative for consumers’ retaining wall needs and includes applications for guard walls, tiered gardens and curved walls, while the Stained Polished Concrete Floors which are available in nine colours were designed to provide an economical, high-luster, durable flooring solution.

He also explained that while DuraTile was an entirely new company, the roofing tiles made of recycled PET bottles were not a new concept and were first made available locally through an unrelated company, Duraplast Inc. When Duraplast ceased operations, DuraTile was conceptualized as there was a recognized demand for more environmentally friendly, “green” construction products. “There are certain things which they have done that we continue to do, but there are things in which we continue to do better,” he said while alluding to further product development.

For further information contact:

Esther-Ann Millar
Office Manager
Creative Paving Solutions Inc. & DuraTile Inc.
Lears Quarry, Lears
St. Michael
Tel: (246) 426-2882
Fax: (246) 426-2883
Email: emillar@creativepavingsolns.com

About Creative Paving Solutions Inc

Creative Paving Solutions Inc. commenced operations in Barbados in 2004 at which time its advanced German technology, used to manufacture concrete Blocks and Pavers, was introduced. Today, it also manufactures the Mesa Retaining Wall System and Stained, Polished Concrete Floors. Creative Paving Solutions Inc. is an affiliate of Preconco Limited, Caribbean Homes Ltd., DuraTile Inc., Meridian Caribbean Inc. and CemTile Inc. For more information on Creative Paving Solutions Inc. please visit www.creativepavingsolns.com

About DuraTile Inc.

DuraTile Inc. was conceptualized in March of 2010 in Barbados. A plastics recycling operation, the company processes PET (polyethylene terephthalate) waste into high quality roofing tiles and was introduced to the Caribbean market to offer a more modern, hurricane resistant, sustainable roofing alternative. DuraTile Inc. is an affiliate of Creative Paving Solutions Inc., CemTile Inc., Preconco Limited, Merdian Caribbean Inc. and Caribbean Homes Ltd. For more information on DuraTile Inc. please visit www.duratileinc.com

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