Leadercast, the world’s largest one-day leadership conference, will be broadcast live from Atlanta to the Hilton Barbados on May 5, 2017. The Caribbean Institute of Leadership and Coaching (CILC) and Scotiabank are now in the third year of hosting this international event.

During the Media Launch of Leadercast 2017 held on Monday April 24th,  Ian Blanchard, CEO of CILC shared some thoughts on this year’s conference:

“John Quincy Adams the 6th US President said that “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

Most of us would know from experience, that people who are passionate about what they do, the people they do it with and the organizations they do it for; perform better, deliver more and add more value to the people they serve. Therefore, as people who run organizations; whether it’s a business, community group, charity, church or NGO, know that, focusing on engaging the hearts and minds of our people must be one of our most critical tasks.

Results is usually what we seek. We may articulate it differently, such as profits, better service to our customers, more efficient operations, higher product quality, greater involvement in volunteer organization, or simply greater attendance of our membership. All these results are directly related to, and influenced by having our people feel more fulfilled and engaged with us and our organizations. It would be logical therefore, to make this one of our key objectives.”

And that’s why Leadercast Bridgetown 2017, “Powered by Purpose” is a must attend event.

Lisa Cole, Senior Manager of Marketing of Scotiabank (Barbados) was also present and remarked;

“Scotiabank is dedicated to building a leadership team that understands the evolving needs of our customers and mirrors the diversity of our employees, customers, and our international footprint. This is demonstrated by the depth and diversity of Scotiabank’s talent across the world – something we have seen giving us a tremendous competitive advantage. Our leaders need to serve as role models for our values and culture, each and every day. We are especially excited that the theme of Leadercast this year focuses on Purpose and how purpose motivates teams to build stronger organizations, and inspires individuals to lead with intention. We at Scotiabank have a simple but strongly defined purpose – because we believe that every customer has the right to become financially better off.

To help customers manage their finances better, Scotiabank has embarked on a number of educational programmes for business leaders, among them seminars to assist entrepreneurs with the practical aspects of running their businesses, and the popular developmental TV series Bank on ME. This annual Leadercast rounds out our educational focus by giving insights to business leaders large and small. All too often we think of leadership as supervising teams or leading organizations, and many interchange management with leadership. But Leadership has a special role. Leadership is about inspiring others, leading change, and uplifting our communities, and these are also values that we live by at Scotiabank. Whatever our role in our organization, our family, our community group, we can all be inspired by the leaders we will hear on May 5th.”

For tickets call: (246) 436-1810 or register online at http://coachianb.com/leadercast

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