Guardian Group | Guardian Life of the Caribbean Limited announces the launch of the Student Opportunity Saver (SOS), a new product set to revolutionize the entire concept of educational and entrepreneurial planning.

With the new paradigm shift in funding for tertiary education in Barbados, there is now a greater need for parents to undertake early financial planning not only for their children’s educational advancement but also their own.  The Student Opportunity Saver is the solution to this new reality. This product supports educational planning with the security of a sound investment for realizing future goals.

Regardless of your age or stage in life, The Student Opportunity Saver provides maximum flexibility. Parents of infants, primary or secondary school children have the advantage of longer term planning which allows them to secure a solid financial base for their children’s educational needs. What is unique about the product is that it also provides for persons seeking higher level academic and vocational education to return to school and upgrade their skill set.

The Student Opportunity Saver also facilitates the economic development of Barbados. It is an ideal savings plan for creating start-up capital for new business ventures.  Even after being certified, entrepreneurs can continue to invest towards medium to long-term goals.

While there are many educational savings products on the market, the “Student Opportunity Saver”, is very different and provides the flexibility needed for varying ages and needs.  Here are some of the key features:

  • The plan can be started from as early as birth, to age 60
  • It provides automatic cover for Accidental Death of $5000
  • The plan allows for  unscheduled deposits in addition to regular premium payments
  • It provides a steady stream of regular payments to the insured after the first 5 years to fund an educational programme
  • It features an “Inflation Protector” – which allows you to keep pace with inflation

This medium to long-term insurance savings plan is available today, to ensure that your dreams and those of your children may become a reality.

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