Blueprint Creative, one of Barbados’ leading branding agencies is co-authoring a study on employer branding that aims to provide Barbadian businesses with independent, data-driven insights that can help them to build stronger, more competitive businesses.

The two-part research project is designed to uncover the views of employees and employers on a range of brand-related topics, including organizational culture, salary & benefits, training opportunities and internal communications. The research comes in the form of two separate, but related surveys, both of which can be taken online. The first survey is designed for employees, while the second survey is designed for entrepreneurs, business owners and business executives who are actively involved in hiring and recruitment activities for their companies. Both surveys are anonymous.

Ron Johnson, co-founder of Blueprint Creative said that the agency decided to conduct the research project because the data could be helpful to Barbadian business leaders seeking to build strong employer brands and entice their respective industries’ “best and brightest” workers. Commenting on the study, Johnson said “The study is designed to help workers better understand what qualities Barbadian employers are looking for in potential hires. The study is also designed to help companies better understand the corporate traits that workers are seeking in potential employers.”

This is not the first time that Blueprint Creative has been involved in brand-related research in Barbados. Back in 2015, the company also co-authored a study on the impact of customer experience in Barbados. According to Johnson, the customer experience study uncovered several important data-driven insights and was “very well received” by the Barbadian business community. He added that he is excited about completing the employer branding study and making the results available to Barbadian entrepreneurs, business owners and business executives.

Both this year’s employer branding study and the 2015 customer experience survey were conducted in collaboration with Antilles Economics, a research and management consulting firm. Employees who want to participate in the research project can click here to take the employee survey. Entrepreneurs, business owners and business executives who want to participate in the research project can click here to take the employer survey.

Companies who participate in the survey will have advance access to the results of the research project. If you have any queries about the survey, or if you are an employer, business owner or business executive and you’d like to receive access to the research results once the study is completed, please email

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