We would like to reiterate why Caribbean Catalyst invests a lot of time, effort and expertise to execute this biennial programme, showcasing sustainable organisations with very good people practices. 

Caribbean Catalyst’s mission is to be, “the catalyst for meaningful change, helping our clients achieve through their people”. This commitment seeks to positively impact productivity as we work with the leaders of organisations:

  1. to hone and develop their people leadership practices; and
  2. to forge a culture of accountability since engagement without accountability is ENTITLEMENT. 

Our focus this year is on NEUROSCIENCE, understanding the importance of how people are motivated from a SCIENTIFIC perspective – what influences their level of thinking and thus their behaviour. Oftentimes it is the disconnect between management and their teams that leads to a level of disengagement, untapped motivation, a lack of accountability and ultimately lower levels of productivity. 

We at Caribbean Catalyst are therefore passionate to play our part as thought leaders to highlight current research on people practices to help companies better “achieve through their people”, thus maintaining Barbados as an attractive jurisdiction for doing business. 

A more effective, productive Barbados in both private and public sector spheres HAS TO BE EVERYBODY’S BUSINESS!!! 

For high level comparative statistics between the five BBE program years please download our presentation PDF.

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