After coming to Barbados for an initial research and exploration trip, I fell in love with this place. First I thought maybe it was the beauty of the island, the good food, the culture or the friendliness of the people I met, but after a while I stopped trying to figure why and just decided to make it home. I went back to Toronto to get my affairs in order, pack my bags and officially register my business! This was 2 years ago and I have not looked back.

Barbados simply seems to offer everything for me personally and professionally. From a professional business perspective what attracted me are the level of professional service providers available, a stable political environment, an economy with a lot of upward potential, and several interesting business associations (such as the Barbados International Business Association) to join to meet and get to know like-minded business folks. After being on the island for only 3 or 4 days, I found out about and attended a meeting held by the Canadian Women’s Club of Barbados. Before I knew it, I was appointed Treasurer and now sit on the Executive Committee of this amazing Social Club and Charity.

From a personal perspective, I would just like to say I am so happy with my decision to move to this beautiful place; from the access to rich cultural events, the art galleries peppered across the island, the annual world-class entertainment concerts put on during Holders Season, festivals throughout Cropover season, the great restaurants and delicious Bajan food…and even the Boardwalk on the South Coast where I take long walks at sunset and see a number of people I have come to know, I truly cannot say enough about the Island.

This particular Canadian lady cannot handle the cold. As early as October, you would already find me wrapped in a thick scarf and wearing gloves. After 24 years in the Canadian banking system, I decided to strike out and become an independent consultant – and I said to myself, “Why not do what I love – where I love?”

My love for sun, sand, sea and warmth has given me the opportunity (or excuse) to visit and vacation many places where I could get all of these things on a regular basis. My experiences have taught me a lot about the world but much more about myself and where I find happiness. I traveled as often as I could, and usually to sunny destinations so that I could swim as much as possible, take in some sun, scuba dive, go on catamaran rides while sipping the local cocktails of choice, dine al fresco in the evenings, and take in as much local live music as I could find…and all of that was before I came to Barbados where I get all of the above and so much more!

The unexpected pleasure I found in Barbados is where you can find me on Monday evenings – at the Nightengale Children’s Home in Black Rock. They have become “my kids” and a highlight to my weekly routine. I always come home with a big smile on my face and often times colored pen marks on my hands and arms as well. If it wasn’t for my desire to want to ‘give back’ in some way to Barbados while waiting for my work permit, I may have never gotten to experience the satisfaction and happiness I get from these kids and I now feel like I am the one who is most fortunate from this experience.

Let me ask you this, do you do what you love where you love?

About the Author

Glenna Smith
Glenna Smith -

Glenna Smith is Managing Director of Smith Compliance Consulting (SCC) Inc. in Barbados as well as a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist and the Vice-President of the Barbados Association of Compliance Professionals. Glenna is a member of the world wide AML Training faculty for a Global Bank to facilitate interactive training sessions for staff and the importance of fighting financial crime. Glenna has worked as a Compliance Officer facing regulators and managing inspections. She has gained wide and in-depth knowledge in compliance, operational risk, corporate governance and legislative matters over 28 years in the financial services sector. Glenna has authored a number of articles on AML, Governance, FATCA and Privacy and speaks regularly at conferences regionally and internationally.