How often has the question arisen as to why as yet we haven’t an accessible and comprehensive directory of visual artists in Barbados? And how frequently has this sparked the response of how long overdue it is and how it’s about time someone put one together?

Far too often was the question asked and finally someone has put it together …some two persons actually, namely Corrie Scott and Kathy Yearwood who realized the time had finally come for this bubbling idea to be visibly manifested into a stunning and informative reality.  So taking the initiative and making the amazing effort are these two entrepreneurs – Corrie Scott, an established, visual artist and photographer and Kathy Yearwood, a patron of the arts and curator of Festival Art Gallery who have compiled The Arts Directory Barbados – a new and informative online publication as well as hard copy book.

The time couldn’t be better as Barbados’ artistic community has expanded and grown into a diverse group of talented individuals that range from stay at home hobbyists and student graduates to internationally recognized professionals, covering the gamut of varying forms and medium of expression.

The Directory will be online and the pages will have direct links to the artists and their websites. The full book will viewable on line at no cost and hard copies will be available for purchase directly from the publisher in December 2011.

A Directory sounds like it might be a dreary list of artists, their email addresses and telephone numbers. Far from, this is a beautifully constructed work of art in itself, lovingly compiled with each artist allotted his/her own page formatted with a picture of  the artist and sample of work, the artist’s statement, bio and contact info.

It is indeed a labour of love with Corrie driving around to personally photograph individual artists and their works to ensure a quality level production.

The Art Directory Barbados encompasses all art forms. Art – sketching, etchings, acrylics, oil, ceramics, sculptures and installations…traditionalists, expressionists, photo realists, landscapists, old school, new school, no school, photography, craft, hand crafted jewelry and more.

The Directory will essentially facilitate Artists and the Art seeking public alike by providing an accessible and comprehensive link which has of course been missing up to now.

Home owners, decorators, businesses and buyers of all sorts can simply peruse the Directory and take their pick from a smorgasbord of delightful talent; find their favorite artist or discover someone new whose style captures their attention and contact the artist directly. The full book will also of course be a lovely addition to anyone’s  collection.

The project has grown considerably with an extraordinary number of Artists responding enthusiastically wanting to be included. Corrie and Kathy have purposefully kept fees low because the motivation here is a genuine desire for homegrown and resident artists to get exposure and for the Arts to flourish; the intention is really to provide this long overdue service rather than to be a money making venture.

At present there is an online preview of the book featuring some of the many artists participating in the Arts Directory Barbados which may be viewed on The official launch of the Directory in full will be in December 2011.

About the Author

Laura Lin Hutchinson
Laura Lin Hutchinson -

Laura Lin has written features for most of the major glossy magazines including island Life, Maco and Shabeau. She did a series of catalogue portraits of various artists for the Art Collectors of Barbados and is the writer/producer of the award winning short film ‘Holding On’. She is available to write/edit bios and profiles for artists.