Business Barbados

The development of enabling ICTs has hastened the globalisation and mobility of business. Barbados, with its sophisticated financial infrastructure, business friendly environment and high Quality of Life ratings is an attractive place from which international business is conducted. (See Why Barbados section.)

Reputable individuals moving to Barbados with skills and/or investments or retirees with sufficient wealth are welcomed. With a diverse property market to suit all budgets, Barbados is home to the young entrepreneur, professionals on contracts, senior executives on secondments, business owners and those looking for a safe retirement environment.

Settling into the Barbados community is relatively straight forward with the help of local experts in relocating to a new and yet to be discovered rich and interesting culture.

Barbadians are well-educated people who take great pride in their country and in their achievements since independence from England in November 1966. As an open economy, all visitors are welcomed.

Barbadians are generally more reserved than many other Caribbean people. They are mostly polite and conservative Christians. Immigrants should learn about the history and culture of Barbados and seek to embrace both for successful integration into the community.