Business Barbados

Broadly speaking we can segment investors in real estate into three categories: commercial, residential and vacation homes. Each type of investor has different motivations and expectations of return (in the new market we call it threshold of pain). In this section we attempt to give you information about the Barbados market that will help you to make the best decision that you can. There is no substitution for direct advice so at best please use this section to start you on your path of investigation.

There is one fundamental factor that must be understood about the Barbados real estate market for any investor to make an informed decision; and that is the size of our market. Most often big is good but in Barbados small is really great. We have very limited land resources and even fewer beachfront opportunities. The supply side of our equation is very limited and this affects prices possibly more so than the demand side. Sure you can build more real estate in Barbados. We can go higher in the air, more dense on the ground, and smaller units overall. But in the final analysis our annual sales volume will never compare to the daily volume in our major trading partners capital city! In short, there is likely always to be more buyers in our market than we have properties to supply. Economist would love that statement.

So please read the guide understanding the unique opportunity that we offer and respectful of some of the nuances that come when small is not just good but great.