Business Barbados

Preparing Your Shipments

Along with your C63 Form completed in quadruplicate, you are required to submit at least four copies of the Commercial Invoice and a Central Bank Exchange Control Form completed in duplicate.

Preferential treatment is offered by a number of countries in accordance with trade agreements. These trade agreements, as well as the related countries and the documents to be submitted with your C63 are listed below

Trade AgreementCountryDocument Required
EU/ACP (COTONOU) AgreementEuropean UnionPreferential Certificate
CARIBCANCanadaPreferential Certificate
CARICOM/DOMINICAN REPUBLICDominican RepublicCertificate of Origin
CARIBBEAN BASIN INITIATIVEUnited StatesPreferential Certificate
CARICOM CARICOMStatesCertificate of Origin
CARICOM / VENEZUELAVenezuelaCertificate of Origin
CARICOM / COLUMBIAColumbiaCertificate of Origin
CARICOM / CUBACubaCertificate of Origin

Restricted Exports

The following goods require an export licence in order to be exported:

  • Black Coral
  • Black Belly Sheep
  • Sugar Cane Plants, Cuttings
  • Onions
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Eddoes
  • Pumpkins

Export Licences are obtained from the Chief Price Control Officer in the Ministry of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development.

Short-Shipped Goods

If your entire shipment is short-shipped you may retrieve your shipping documents to use again. If; however, only part of your shipment was shipped you will be required to submit additional shipping documents for processing in order to effect the shipment of the remainder of the goods.

Examining Your Goods

There is a duty liability attached to some goods being exported. e.g.: Ex- Warehouse, Transshipment, Drawbacks, Temporary Imports and goods subject to Value Added Tax. These goods are exported under Bond and the Customs and Excise Department reserves the right to examine these goods to verify quantities, descriptions, values, etc.

Temporary Exports

Vehicles, boats, or other goods taken abroad may be returned duty-free, by proving to the Customs Department that the item(s) was/were taken out of Barbados. This proof includes the Customs Export Declaration that is obtained prior to the shipping of the goods. Goods taken abroad for repairs may be subject to the payment of duties on the cost of the repairs on re-importation.