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A body corporate that is incorporated in a jurisdiction other than Barbados may, if so authorised under the laws of that other jurisdiction, apply to the Registrar of Companies for a certificate of continuance under the Companies Act of Barbados.

In so doing, the continuing company must file Articles of Continuance similar to Article of Incorporation, with the Registrar of Companies in Barbados, along with the following:

  • Copies of the company’s constitutional documents certified by the Registrar of Companies in the transferring jurisdiction.
  • Notarised copies of the resolution of the directors or of the shareholders of the Company authorisng the continuance.
  • Notarised copies of the relevant page(s) of the legislation which prove that the continuance is permitted.
  • A legal opinion from an Attorney-at-Law in the transferring jurisdiction.

Similarly, once permitted in the receiving jurisdiction, a Barbados company may, if it is authorised by its shareholders and if it is established to the satisfaction of the Registrar of Companies that its proposed continuance in another jurisdiction will not adversely affect its creditors or shareholders, apply to the appropriate official or public body of the other jurisdiction and request that the company be continued as a corporation in the other jurisdiction as if it had been incorporated under the laws of that other jurisdiction.


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