Barbados is truly a unique tropical tourism destination. A 166 square mile gem of white sand beaches, a complex mix of high-class accommodation, made up of intimate guest-houses, small, medium and large hotels, luxury apartments, villas, and condominiums. An array of quality restaurants providing a culinary experience that is not easily found in anywhere and the picture of the ideal tourist island begins to take shape. Place these obvious tourism attributes along side an activities calendar that is second to none and what tourism planners on this most easterly of the chain of Caribbean islands may just have created, is the most complete tourism and hospitality oriented destination in the region.

However, Barbados’ brand of hospitality goes way beyond the traditional tourism and hospitality mix for which this tropical region has become renowned. Barbados is a country that boasts infrastructural development attributes that places the island way ahead of its neighbours. An expansive road network of major highways and well paved minor roads that uniquely link every area of the island, modern accessible buildings, a telecommunications network that is as effective and reliable as any in any developed country and an educated populace that supplies to the industry a set of the most competently trained hospitality personnel in the industry, makes for the ideal tropical island tourism and hospitality experience.

Additionally, Barbados’ tourism reputation is further strengthened by the fact that transportation to the island is available from the North America and Continental Europe. Approximately 75% of the island’s long stay visitors come from Great Britain, the USA and Canada, whilst the Caribbean itself and the rest of wider Europe mostly account for the other 25%.

The cruise industry also supplies another approximately half of a million visitors per year, most of whom sail out of the USA and are in the most part US citizens, whilst a vibrant “home porting” programme that sees British ships utilizing the island as their home base during the traditional winter months, November to March and sailing the Caribbean from Barbados, produces a European Cruise passenger that adds to the number of visitors that share in this unique island hospitality experience.

Attractions that range from a visit to an underground cave, to inland safaris over rough terrain not readily expected on such a relatively flat island, to aerial treks across huge gullies of lush vegetation and visits to local heritage sites and more modern cultural displays, offers a world of tourism and hospitality experiences. So uniquely composed, that they make Barbados a must visit and a destination that has a worldwide brand appeal.

Barbados as a major international business destination also is accustomed to providing accommodation and related services to many visitors who are here to conduct international business, in such industries as  financial services, marketing, intellectual property development, health and wellness, sports and education, call centres, ICT etc.

About the Author

Wayne Capaldi
Wayne Capaldi - Managing Director, Sandpiper & Coral Reef Club

Wayne is a 25-year veteran in the hotel and tourism industry.Commonwealth Holiday Inns of Canada, based in Toronto, was where Wayne made his formal entry into hotels in 1983 and just after a year was asked to transfer to Barbados in a management capacity with the then Holiday Inn in Barbados.In 1985 Wayne was offered a position with The Sandpiper Hotel where he continues to this day in his official capacity as the Managing Director. Wayne is also a Director of the Coral Reef Club which together with his wife and extended family own and operate these two hotels which are members of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World.As for his professional career, Wayne was President of the Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association for two terms first in 2002 to 2004 and for a second time in 2008 to 2010. He has sat on the board of Directors of the Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA) as well as Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) during a time of major expansion of the airport facilities and privatization of the operations.For the past few years Wayne has been busy managing his businesses which included, along with the family, the acquisition of a third hotel which is to be completely redeveloped into a luxury, private 12 villa property in Holetown. In addition, Wayne was recently invited to run for the Chairmanship of the Luxury group of hotels for the BHTA and will, from June 2014, serve in that position after successfully winning the vote.Wayne is married with three children.