The modern-day business environment has changed – globalization and increased Internet connectivity have made the world a smaller place. International businesses have a plethora of locations to choose from when deciding where to set up business and because of its infrastructural benefits, Barbados remains a location of choice.

One of the most important factors when a considering a domicile is IT Security. The robustness and reliability of the Internet and other external connections are key. International businesses cannot survive without connectivity. On the other hand, fast broadband and efficient communications can increase a company’s efficiency; enabling flexible business hours, effective communications through VoIP and enhanced collaboration via cloud storage systems.

Accessibility to the Internet

Evidence of Barbados’ accessibility to the Internet is found in levels of penetration and Internet use per capita. As of December 2014, the percentage of Barbadians connected to the Internet was 76.67% compared to 67% throughout the Caribbean. This makes Barbados one of the most connected country in the Americas and, according to UNICEF, one of the top 15 most connected countries in the world (per capita).

Amidst this high level of connectedness, the telecommunications sector in Barbados continues to benefit from heavy investment. Flow, Barbados’ leading telecommunications provider, recently overhauled its infrastructure by connecting most of the island with fibre optic cable.

“This has further improved the reliability and robustness of the network, as fibre is more durable than the copper lines which originally connected the country and also provides much more stable and speedy transmissions,”

Rory Hunte of C&W Business, the B2B arm of the company.

As a result, the company now offers bandwidth speeds as high as 1Gbp/s for downloads.

Security & Stability of IT Connections

Another factor that points to the security and stability of IT connections in Barbados is the fact that it has two undersea cables connecting the island to the rest of the world. This connection provides a level of security and instills confidence that telecommunications are unlikely to fail. The IT International Telecom, one of the world’s largest sub sea network integrators, has its headquarters in Barbados – a significant vote of confidence when the reliability of telecommunications in this country. In addition, Cable & Wireless has connectivity via satellite, used for international connections. With these options, the chances that Barbados would ever be cut off from the outside world is near impossible.

Barbados is also home to the Caribbean Cyber Security Centre (CCSC). CCSC designs and manages operational plans for cyber security policies and procedures, tailoring them to the nuances of the cyber environment across the Caribbean. This organization acts as a centralized cyber security think tank for the Caribbean region, governed by its mission to protect Caribbean private and public ICT information systems and resources.

IT security and communications are not a barrier to international companies who wish to set up operations in Barbados. Fast, secure, robust and reliable telecommunications infrastructure is in place on the island, international businesses can fully utilize this infrastructure with confidence.

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