Ideally situated within the beautiful development of Apes Hill Country Club, and successfully bridging the gap between green theory and a sustainable reality, Sugarwater is the latest creation of local development company Ecostructure.

The goal for all of Ecostructure’s projects is to create living examples of sustainability. Through this process, they have introduced thousands of Barbadians to environmentally responsible housing. While most people can easily identify the benefits of solar panels, actually seeing these properties first hand simplifies the process of living sustainably, so anybody can quickly learn that being sustainable has many more layers than just energy.

Ecostructure creates houses that are healthier for the homeowner and the natural environment. Their houses incorporate many strategies to ensure that there are fewer toxins in the house by using sustainable non-toxic products and materials for both building as well as cleaning and maintenance. This creates an environment that is healthier for everybody.

Part of being environmentally responsible is not having to replace or fix items, so Ecostructure ensures that they only purchase from sustainable manufacturers who are producing the highest quality goods and leading the global shift in environmentally responsible manufacturing. This ‘quality first’ approach to building creates a house that lasts longer and has fewer maintenance issues.

Ecostructure introduces homeowners and consumers to the reality of the green economy, by helping them understand the difference in quality and price. It is when a house like Sugarwater and its running costs are closely examined that the numbers really start to shine. With all of its energy being produced by solar, there is no energy bill. With efficient water catchment, irrigation and fixtures, there is minimal dependency on the local water supply. Traditionally these large villas are the consumption giants of the island, as they gobble up water to keep the decorative gardens green and energy to feed the endless list of appliances. Sugarwater shows that this paradigm of luxury and consumption is a thing of the past. We are now in an age where we need to evolve collectively as architects, contractors, importers and consumers.

By integrating edible gardens into the foodscape, the house also has over 75 varieties of organic fruits and vegetables, making the trip to the grocery store not as vital or frequent. Just go to the fish market to pick up some locally caught fish and the rest of dinner comes straight from the gardens that surround the house.

Ecostructure believes in free sourcing their data, suppliers and ideology. Their goal is to help shift the way that we build and live in Barbados, to make sustainable living accessible to every Barbadian on every budget. Sustainable reality is here; let Ecostructure show you the way.

About the Author

Fraser Young
Fraser Young -

Fraser Young founder of Ecostructure, and co-founder of and Archers Organics. We create sustainable examples across different business sectors, we create examples that are both economically and environmentally sustainable. By rethinking the way we live and consume on a daily basis we can create an island that lays the groundwork for the most valuable export we could give to the world...a template for change.