Neville Isdell spent 43 years working throughout the world with the Coca-Cola Company. After retiring as vice chairman of Coca- Cola HBC in December 2001, Neville Isdell served as an international consultant to the Coca-Cola Company from January 2002 to May 2004. Mr. Isdell was then appointed as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Coca-Cola in June 1, 2004 and he held those positions until retiring for a second time in July 2008. Neville Isdell has owned a home in Barbados since 2001.

“There is a special ambience around Barbados. Whenever there is political talk going on, it is usually about social issues such as health care and education. There is little polarization of society. And while there are many pieces that go together to make the whole special package, it’s the warmth of the people that is really at the core of it all. Barbados is a wonderful place to live. Who you are and what you do really doesn’t interest people here. High profile celebrities, politicians, entertainers, sports personalities and so on, can all come here and just blend into the background.

I think there is a big opportunity for this island in international business. There are attractive, well-regulated tax treaties but it’s not just about the tax advantage. It is also because there is a well-educated population, a low crime rate and an enjoyable environment in which to live. Now that telecommunications have become so easy, I can communicate with anyone anywhere in the world from my office here. So I am happy to be based in Barbados. I enjoy a summer jaunt to France for a few months each summer, but Barbados is where I am based.”

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