Business Barbados 2019 - page 4

Publisher & Editor - Keith Miller.
Design - Neil Barnard at 809 Design Associates.
Advertising Sales - Nia Vlahakis Juman.
Content Manager, - Natasha Vlahakis.
Business Barbados images: Jaryd Niles-Morris, Coordinator:
Sherika Rice, Technical/Photo Assistants: Anika Millington and
Nahj Seale.
Illustrations: Nicola Barnard for Business Barbados.
Now available as an E-Book and Online at
Business Barbados is published annually by Caribbean Business
Publications Inc. An initiative of: Miller Publishing Company
Limited, Edgehill, St. Thomas, Barbados, West Indies.
Tel: (246) 421 6700,
Fax: (246) 421 6707.
All information in this publication has been carefully collected and
prepared, but it still remains subject to change and correction.
Use these contents for general guidance only and seek extra assistance
from a professional adviser with regard to any specific matters.
Copyright reserved. None of the contents in this publication can be
reproduced or copied in any form without permission in writing from the
Left - Natasha Vlahakis - Content Manager, Right - Nia Vlahakis
Juman - Advertising Sales
Photographed at Clifton Hall, Barbados
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