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Prior to Independence in 1966, wealth
derived from sugar made Barbados a
significant contributor to the British
economy. Prosperity encouraged grand
living among the wealthy and, gradually,
the wider population benefitted. Barbados
gained from well-planned infrastructural
and institutional development.
With the advent of the Jet Age, Barbados
featured as one of two Concorde
destinations out of London. Tourism took
off, and all that our island had to offer,
already discovered by a few, was accessible
to the world. Barbados’ high-end lifestyle
encouraged the development of a vacation
second-home market. Unique hotels and
resorts offering themed sporting
attractions - golf, tennis, polo and yachting
– soon followed. Our enviable lifestyle also
played an important role in attracting
International Businesses to locate to
Barbados, which generated a demand for
high quality commercial space.
It is my sense that Barbados will continue
to gain from our historical competitive
advantages and that prudent management
of our greatest resources – our people and
our natural environment – must be
balanced with global trends.
Sir Paul Altman has been involved in the
real estate profession for over thirty years.
In addition to his passion for real estate
development, and the conservation of
Barbados’ heritage, Sir Paul has an
assortment of business and charitable
interests. He also serves as the Chairman of
the Campus Council at the University of the
West Indies, Cave Hill Campus.
Sir Paul
Barbados Offers High
Quality Residences and
Commercial Space
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