Business Barbados 2018 - page 84

everyone works towards. Additionally
some consideration could be given to the
establishment of a business unit within
the appropriate Ministry that works with
investors and helps to navigate the
regulatory environment in Barbados.
The recent rise in crime coupled with
the sight of dilapidated buildings and
unfinished properties can also negatively
impact investment and the attractiveness
of Barbados. First impressions do count.
So let our pride and industry guide us in
building a safer and even more beautiful
These and other challenges need to be
addressed by Government and
maintained by successive governments
through the implementation of forward
There will be some challenges and we
should face them head on
We have to be more proactive and
responsive in business and not just
window dress our messages for the
occasion. Facing excessive bureaucracy
to doing business in Barbados is an issue
especially for the private investor – both
local and foreign – and that needs to be
addressed. For example, we have had
long standing concerns about the length
of time to get Town and Country
Planning approvals and the impact these
delays have on investments and
investors. It should not be outside of our
ability to rectify this problem by setting
realistic timelines for applications to be
concluded on with clear dates that
thinking, proactive and time sensitive
public sector policies, and a real desire to
be facilitative and businesslike at all
So should we be excited?
Yes we should! Barbados has shown its
tourism resilience over the years. If these
new projects, some of which have already
started, are successful and, if we focus
our attention on them and new initiatives
such as specialty tourism, then we will
succeed. Tourism represents the most
powerful catalyst for improving our
economy and offers all Barbadians and
all investors hope and opportunity.
Together we can all make it happen.
Hope and Opportunity
Yoga at sea. Photo courtesy of the BTMI
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